A multidisciplinary, skilled, and committed team.
André Escada
Carbon Policy Consultant
André's expertise in climate policy and both the regulated and voluntary carbon markets contributes to the development of high-integrity markets and projects.
Arthur Azevedo
Chief Financial Officer
Arthur brings valuable experience in various corporate governance structures and financial performance management — both critical areas for Biomas’ success.
Carolina Woods
Employee Experience Consultant
As an expert in customer experience, Carolina brings to the HR team the tools to create a pleasant workplace, with satisfied and engaged employees.
Cintia Sulzer
Talent and Culture Director
Cintia oversees matters related to leadership and regenerative culture, contributing to shaping a powerful, creative culture that is in line with Biomas' impact mission.
Cristiano Oliveira
Business Development and Sustainability Director
As head of the Commercial, Business Development, and Sustainability fronts, Cristiano applies his talent to connect and unite people for the development of regenerative businesses.
Douglas Pellegrina
Land Origination Director
Drawing on his experience with new ventures in the agricultural sector, Douglas contributes with innovative strategies for expanding business in the carbon sector.
Fabio Sakamoto
Fabio brings his experience in creating and managing new businesses, notably co-founding one of Brazil's largest regenerative agriculture companies.
Felipe Caffaro
Forest Operations Coordinator
Caffaro brings his operational view of eucalyptus, native, and exotic forestry for high-value timber and ecological restoration, combined with his international academic experience, to creatively contribute to the complexity of Biomas' operations.
Felipe Porcel
Land and Forest Business Analyst
Felipe brings his experience in new business ventures and real estate in the land market to expand the connection between landowners and the restoration and conservation market.
Felipe Tieppo
Restoration specialist
Felipe brings relevant experience in designing, developing, and implementing large-scale restoration projects. He adds strength in selecting methods and techniques to deliver impactful and high-quality forests.
Graciete Pettinari
Tax and Accounting Manager
An expert in accounting and taxes, Graciete aims to build a solid bridge between the world of finance and the sustainability cause.
Guilherme Artuzi
Land and Forest Business Consultant
Guilherme brings his ability to navigate between different audiences, connecting small producers, large agricultural groups, and corporate environments, forging important partnerships for Biomas' business.
Jansen Fernandes
Forest Operations Director
Leveraging his experience in overseeing significant forest operations, Jansen plays a role in establishing an efficient supply chain involving all stakeholders and successfully executing large-scale reforestation projects.
Lucas Filippos
Financial Analysis and Planning Manager
An expert in business financing, Lucas is tasked with securing funds in the capital market and understanding the financial levers to scale Biomas' business.
Magno Castelo Branco
Carbon Projects Director
Magno is an expert in structuring and executing carbon projects, ensuring the use of the best methodologies, and guaranteeing the delivery of high-quality results.
Marcela Pyles
Carbon Projects Coordinator
As a carbon project specialist, Marcela brings her expertise in nature-based solutions to define robust methodologies for Biomas' restoration projects.
Marcelo Matsumoto
Geospatial Sciences Coordinator
As the technical lead for Biomas' Forest Restoration and Conservation processes, Marcelo brings his experience in developing businesses that are economically relevant as well as impactful for environmental conservation and social development.
Marcelo Pereira
Restoration Director
Drawing on his experience in conducting spatial analyses in different Brazilian biomes, Marcelo contributes to the strategic planning and execution of Biomas' restoration and conservation projects.
Natalia Renteria
Regulatory Affairs and Communications Director
As head of institutional relations, communications and regulatory affairs, Natalia contributes her robust experience in climate law and carbon markets to support the business's growth in alignment with climate ambitions.
Nina Fassarella
Social relations manager
Nina has skills to establish community and institutional relationships based on transparent, inclusive, and respectful dialogue, focusing on her professional experience with indigenous peoples and traditional communities, contributing to implementing Biomas' social approach.
Paula Moura
Business Development Manager
Paula's experience in international negotiation and sustainable agricultural supply chains contributes to developing impactful relationships and business ventures.
Our Operation
Biomas combines capital and expertise to build a new business model and a systemic approach at scale.
Photography by Gisele Alfaia
Our Shareholders
For our shareholders, Biomas represents an evolutionary challenge — experimenting with new technologies, testing new economic paradigms, removing carbon from the atmosphere, and generating social transformation. Our challenge is to deliver excellence and act with absolute integrity, a result of committed governance.
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